Free / Open Source

Custom Button Style

  • Change Text Font Size
  • Change Border Size and Border Radius
  • Change Button Background and Text Font Color
  • Change Border color
  • Change Hover Color
  • Change Button Padding and Button Margin
  • Use Button icon and change Button icon Position
  • Use 2D Transitions
  • Use Background Transitions

Custom Button Display

  • Use Global Meanwhile through all the website
  • Only Shop page to show the button
  • Only Single Product Page
  • Use Open link in new tab

Custom Button Settings

  • Use Both buttons settings
  • Default Add to cart per Product
  • Custom Button per Product
  • Custom button alignment

Pro / Paid Version


  • Unique ID and Class
  • Different Google font with API
  • Button font weight, Italic
  • Button text transform
  • Single And Shop page separate margin
  • Single And Shop page separate Button Alignment
  • Single And Shop page separate Button Padding
  • Button corner different radius


  • Icon select with icon picker
  • Change icon size
  • Change icon Position
  • Icon spacing / Spinner

Advance setting

  • All custom button Same Size
  • Default woocommerce button styling

Per Button Style

Global ( Label / URL )

Shortcode generater

Plugin Premium support

Import 1.5.4 button styling

Compatible with all product types.

Compatible with lambda, Avada, Astra, Divi, The7, etc.

Per Button Style