1. General

2. Layout

  • Text:Use this option to change font-size, font-family, font weight, text case changes.
  • Button-margin:Use this option to add top/bottom or left/right margin between buttons on shop or single product pages.
  • Button-alignment: Alignment for buttons on the archive and single page.
  • Padding:You can give vertical and horizontal padding to the button on the archive and single page.
  • Border / Corner radius:Use this option to set border size and border-radius for button design.

3. Styling

  • Icon: Use this option to add icon and to increase icon size, change icon position, icon spacing etc. You can also use animated icon by checking checkbox for Spinner.
  • Button-Background: Use this option to set background -color, text-color, border-color, hover-color, 2d-transitions, and background transitions to button from here.

4. Advance Settings

  • Same size buttons: Show all buttons in the same size. This option is specific for shop / archive page only.
  • Default woocommerce button:
  • URL Rel Attritubes: Use this option to set SEO friendly nofollow links. You can also set other types of link like author, nofollow,help,norefferer etc

5. Per Button Style

  • Per button style: Use this option to switch on individual button’s styling. Once this is ON, you can customize button for each product separately.

6. Global

  • This option is useful for those customers who wants to use same product title and link for all of the products at once. Once you switch this ON and put label and link, it will applicable to all products.

7. Per Category

  • Per Category : Per Category feature will allow you to show custom buttons or Global button on specific categories. This option is useful for those who wanted to show Custom Add to Cart Buttons for specific categories.
  • Per Category : This feature will automatically show Out of Stock buttons when your product becomes out of stock in Inventory.. You can make such buttons once you switch ON Per Button Style option. Check the below video for more details.

8. Out Of Stock

9. Shortcode

  • Use this option to create shortcode for your specific products or all products.
  • Note: Only those specific products will appear in search which already have custom buttons.

10. Ready To Use

  • Ready To Use : This feature will allow you to select a readymade button designs which are available to use without configuring any settings. This will save your time and help you to use the plugin instantly.
  • Note: For now, this feature is limited to use for Global Settings that means all of your buttons can use same style but not a specific one.

11. Ajax Add to Cart

12. Import

  • Use this option if you want to import old settings from your free version to Paid version or one website to another. Note: You can import only from version 1.5.4 for now.

13. Change Logs

  • version 1.6: Released on Aug 08, 2022
    • Minor Bug Fix for different themes.
  • version 1.5: Released on Feb 19, 2022
    • Setting Page UI Change
    • Library Update i.e. Bootstrap , sweetalert, Fontawesome, colorpicker
    • After button add distinct information
    • Code Optimized
    • Minor Bug Fix
  • version 1.4: Released on Oct 28, 2021
    • v1.4 include new feature i.e. URL Rel Parameters.
    • Bug Fixed.
  • version 1.3: Released on Oct 4, 2021
    • v1.3 include new feature i.e. Add to cart using ajax
    • Bug Fixed.
  • version 1.2: Released on Sept 06, 2021
    • v1.2 include new feature i.e. Add to cart using ajax and Ready To Use Button.
    • Bug Fixed.
  • version 1.1: Released on Sept 06, 2021
    • v1.1 include new feature i.e. Per Category and Out of stock.
    • Bug Fixed.
  • version 1.0: Initial Released on Feb 11, 2021
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